Monthly Archive: March 2017

Ten Ways Governments Threaten Bitcoin 0

Ten Ways Governments Threaten Bitcoin

Governments are strange beasts. Not quite market, not quite commons, governments occupy a unique space in the economy where societies permit (or tacitly tolerate) territorially-bound corporations that have fiat monopolies on important social functions...

Technology and Choice #14 LBRY 0

Technology and Choice #14 LBRY

In this Episode Recently caught up to Jeremy Kauffman, Founder and CEO of LBRY, a protocol and platform for sharing digital content, with incentives for all. The first part of the show is a...

How to Decentralize Uber 0

How to Decentralize Uber

It has been anoft-cited examplethatEthereumcan be used to create a “decentralized Uber,” and there have beenseveral(as-yetunsuccessful) attempts to do just that. But what does creating a decentralized Uber actually entail? In this post, I...